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                          How to get a SIGN painted


   The SIGN page of our website shows you samples that may be relevant to the type of artwork that interests you.  Every sign is unique and a short discussion with us will quickly help you decide what we can do for you.

   First contact us by email or phone and we will find out a few basics like where, what and when. If you are long distance, email us a photo of your environment and some information about the space where you would like the sign.  We can then evaluate how best to proceed with a design. If you need help with a design or ideas for your art we are happy to help you. If you want a fancy cut out style sign, like Shonnard’s, we can discuss that per sign.  Thank you and our family is looking forward to helping your family!


                           For information call Dan and Mae Hitchcock 541-487-4231

                                      Email– Hitchcockmastercode@gmail.com

  How to get a sign painted

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As you see we paint signs, murals, and portraits because in a rural community like Alsea,  people need many diverse kinds of art.  Our skills are equally applied to banners, like the Bounty of Benton County below, as well as signs.  In this way  we can provide help to everyone.

After we have completed your special art sign the next step is installation.  Some signs can be attached to existing structures, and if needed we can put in posts like the ones above at Leaping Lamb Farm. Installation of 2 posts with everything supplied is $75.  A sign like John Boy’s Alsea Mercantile above is $100 per side or less.  A sign like the Leaping Lamb Farm is $500 per side or less. All materials are the finest and we triple coat all edges with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer and paint. Always the best paint.

We love to create art for everyone and if you have a need for a sign or a portrait of your grand child you have found the right artists.  Heirloom art is a wonderful thing to pass down from generation to generation. You can see that we have been around awhile and have worked with a lot of people.  If you could ever need any kind of referral please don’t hesitate to ask and we will provide as many references as you wish.  Our work speaks for it’s self and our prices are always under the main stream commercial artists.  Let’s discuss your artistic vision!

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For more information, call Dan and Mae  Hitchcock's 541-487-4231

e-mail Hitchcockmastercode@gmail.com

Or e-mail Hitchcockmastercode@hotmail.com