Hunky Dory’s

Bob Marley and Jerry Garcia grace this epic mural on 6th Street in Eugene.

The store owner asked for Bob Marley and Jerry Garcia in a tobacco field and left the rest up to us, so we opted to put an integrated Native American and Eastern Elemental system Medicine Wheel.  The 5 beings in the Wheel represent the interaction between the 5 elements.  Green East, Red South, White West, Black North and Gold Yellow center Earth.  Each figure has the elements as colored dots on it’s finger tips that it creates and is standing on colored dots representing the element that that each being destroys.


                          How to get a Mural


 The mural portion of our website is divided into four categories and you can check out Murals, Cloud Murals, Portrait Murals, and Theatre and Film Sets to see specific samples that may be relevant to the type of artwork that interests you.  Every mural is unique and a short discussion with us will quickly help you decide what we can do for you.


 First contact us by email or phone and we will find out a few basics like where, what and when. If you are long distance, email us a photo of your environment and some information about the space where you would like the mural.  We can then evaluate how best to proceed with a design. If you need help with a design or ideas for your mural, we are happy to offer many possibilities. Our design phase is included in the price of the mural. For a basic design that we do not paint we charge $150. With a design agreed upon, we will estimate what is required to access the place where the mural will go and how long it will take to complete.  We can show you photos from our large collection of samples and art clips to help finalize design parameters,  and we are ready to paint!


                       For information call Dan and Mae Hitchcock 541-487-4231


Dan and Mae Hitchcock Portrait Murals