Dan and Mae Hitchcock

   Oregon Country Fair

In the spring of 1991 we encountered Reverend Chumleigh performing in Mt. Vernon, Washington for the annual Tulip Festival.  He fed us his favorite North west salmon,  took us to some of the beautiful hot springs in Washington, and introduced us to the Oregon Country Fair. 1991 was the final year Moz Wright  headed Entertainment Camp. Cory Sullivan took over coordination of Entertainment the next year and we became fair volunteers helping her.  Our first project with her was to create Blue Moon Stage in 1992.  Since then we have painted Shady Grove Stage, Gypsy Stage, Main Stage, Hoarse Chorale, have paintings on Daredevil and W.C. Fields vaudeville stages, Child Care, Whitebirds’ emergency path scrim, Peachy the Dragons’ lair, numerous signs, some people, and in 2009 built and painted the grand Giant Peach Gate entrance to the Fair.


Our lives are enriched by this annual essential event.  Entertainment Camp has always been where we call home. The gathering of people around our campfire is a sweet combination of musicians, performers, artists, and Fairies.        

For information call Dan and Mae Hitchcock 541-487-4231