Dan and Mae Hitchcock

   Oregon Country Fair

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Shady Grove Stage

One of the oldest music venues at the Fair, Shady Grove was originally under one of the giant oaks on the Long Tom River.  To relieve root compaction the stage was moved opposite the tree.  The musicians love this stage. 

Shady Grove Stage

The painting for this stage was created in our studio.   Mae is holding Mae Lee at 4 months of age. She  is 13 now, and has been to 15 Country Fairs.  Mae was 2 months pregnant with Mae Lee in July, 1997.  She was born in February of 1998 making Mae Lee 5 months old at her 2nd Fair,  and 1 year and  5 months at her 3rd Fair and so no. This year in 2011 Mae Lee will be 13 and  will have attended 15 Fairs. There are a lot of Fair babies with similar experiences!