Sky for Allied Bank Tower Model Room

The bank was very proud of their building model and had it displayed on the 52nd floor of the actual finished building which was surrounded by exterior glass walls.  Much to the banks dismay, people would walk in the room, pass by the model, and look at the incredible view out the Allied Bank Tower windows. They built a wall in front of the windows and hired us to paint a sky to surround the model and block the view out the windows turning everyone’s attention to the architectural model.

Sky for Allied Bank Tower Model

In this photo the model is in the original model room before the Tower was actually built. This cloud mural was painted in the model presentation room for the investors to view.  The large cloud panel to the left in this photo is a garage door size panel that raises up to surprise the people sitting in the next room at a 20 foot long meeting table.  A very dramatic presentation.  This is a perfect example of how well we can paint clouds over an irregular surface to visually smooth a surface and make the sharp corners go away.


                          How to get a mural painted


 The mural portion of our website is divided into four categories and you can check out Murals, Cloud Murals, Portrait Murals, Faux Finishes and Theatre and Film Sets to see specific samples that may be relevant to the type of artwork that interests you.  Every mural is unique and a short discussion with us will quickly help you decide what we can do for you.


 First contact us by email or phone and we will find out a few basics like where, what and when. If you are long distance, email us a photo of your environment and some information about the space where you would like the mural.  We can then evaluate how best to proceed with a design. If you need help with a design or ideas for your mural, we are happy to offer many possibilities. Our design phase is included in the price of the mural. For a basic design that we do not paint we charge $150. With a design agreed upon, we will estimate what is required to access the place where the mural will go and how long it will take to complete.  Frequently with cloud paintings on a ceiling, we can show you a photo from our large collection of samples and we are ready to paint!


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