†††††††† Mae Leeís

Furry Freaky Friends

†† Hi! My name is Mae Lee Hitchcock. Iím 13 and I like to artistically reconstruct stuffed animals.† I take random stuffed animal parts, sew them together, and POOF! I have a Furry Freaky Friends!† It started when I was little by taking stuff apart like VCRs, Barbies, and whatever else I could get my little hands on. I think this is because Iíve always been curious about how things work. When I started taking stuffed animals apart my Dad got a little worried, but when he saw the first Freak Friend, he became my biggest fan ever! In fact my parents love my ideas so much that at Christmas my Mom got me a huge bag of at least 50 different stuffed animals, and my first acquisition was 30 animals that I bought from my friend Katie!† Now Iím working hard to build something for myself that everyone can enjoy!† I do this because I believe there are all kinds of magic in everything and everywhere.†

†† I thought of the idea for the logo from the little porcelain Cheshire cat in the window sill by the computer.† Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing if I never thought of making Freak Friends, I donít know what it would be, but it sure wouldnít be as cool as this!

†† My goal is to create as many Furry Freaky Friends as the world can handle and ship them right to your door.† I would like to hear from individuals as well as businesses and get your feedback on my work.† All you need to do is send me an email and I will email you my latest creations and any further information you desire.† So please contact me anytime just to say, ĒHiĒ!

I am ready to send you any of the above Freak Friends† or let me email you photos of my latest and I do special commissions upon request!†

Freak Friends cost from $25 to $50.†††††

TO get your own Freak Friend email me at ;


† maeleesfurryfreakyfriends@hotmail.com


See you soon!!