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That’s All set Phil Collins

The set for Phil Collins’ “That’s All” music video was in the old electric power plant near downtown Dallas, Texas.  A director for Capitol records lead us through hanging several 10’ x 45’ pieces of plastic and painting them to match the already nasty pigeon poop covered floor and walls. When the stage was built for Phil’s piano, it looked too new so we sprayed it with dark paint and scooped up poop from the foot deep piles on the floor and threw it all over the new set. A moment of total NON glamour! 

That’s All Music Video set with Mae

That’s All set lit up

The set required painting large sheets of plastic mottled brown and covering everything with dried pigeon poop. Ah the film biz. Love it!

That’s All set Phil and Mae hugging

Phil Collins and Mae Hitchcock on the set of ‘That’s All’ produced by Capitol Records.  Lots of LA bands would come to Texas to make their Music Videos Cheep! No Unions.