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Allied Bank Tower

The bank had it’s model displayed on the 52nd floor of the Bank Tower, after it was built, surrounded by exterior glass walls.  Much to the banks dismay, people would walk into the model room, pass by the model, and look out at the incredible view. The bankers wanted everyone to look at the model instead so they built a wall in front of the windows and hired us to paint a sky to surround the model and block the view out the windows turning everyone’s attention to the architectural model.  Notice the nice little cloud ceiling painting above the model.

Allied Bank Tower Model

This is the original model room that was located in another building before the Tower was built.  You see here a perfect example of how we can wrap clouds over an irregular surface helping smooth out the environment.  In the wall to the left, in this picture, is a 10 foot by 12 foot door that slides up between the conference room and model room surprising the participants sitting at the 20 foot table waiting to see the new Tower model.  Once the 60 story Tower was built they moved this Architectural model to the 52nd floor of the New Allied Bank Tower and created the all new model room you see in the photo above.