Dan’s Paintings Acrylic

I love to create photos and painted portraits for everyone.  The process is very easy.  You can send me your favorite photo for your portrait in any medium, or I can take a photo for your perfect photo portrait, or I can paint or draw from that photo in any medium. 

I have prints available of all my photos and paintings.  The 8 inch by 10 inch prints are $50, the 12 inch by 18 inch are $75 and larger sizes are available upon request!

Painted portraits start at $500 and pencil portraits start at $300. Don’t be shy. Call me!


                      For information call Dan and Mae Hitchcock 541-487-4231

                                 Email– Hitchcockmastercode@gmail.com

Tak’s Naga Jubon acrylic on canvas 48 inches by 82 inches  available $2000

Tak told me a Naga Jubon is a short sleeved kimono which is what this painting represents.

The theme is a spoof of the Dada painters period like Max Ernst’s ‘physiomythological flood picture’ and ‘Aquis Submersus’ , and ‘Nude descending staircase’, so the girls are just making fun of all that seriousness. I think I wouldn’t mind having a robe with this painting on it.